december 15, 2017

pixelBOT EXTREME! by play.HEART games

originally pixelBOT EXTREME! was designed to run on Mobile what actually was the case for some time.
After launching a very basic Android version of the current game and lots of positive feedback – pixelBOT was a 1-level-endless runner at that point - we realized that we want to pursue a more extended approach to realize the complete Extreme! vision of pixelBOT:
an extremely fun and original multitasking controller-based (hard)core experience was born!


december 8, 2017

pixelBOT EXTREME! by play.HEART games

loving and following the 16-bit era, handheld gameplay and the originality and challenge of arcade classics, pixelBOT’s style and desired feelings were defined and 100% clear during the first days of concept phase.

combining Konstantins hand-drawn pixelated graphics and frame-by-frame animations with the unique and amazing lo-fi tunes by Slovenian band Phonotrash, pixelBOT EXTREME! has the potential to become a modern classic....

december 1, 2017

pixelBOT EXTREME! by play.HEART games

believe it or not - the BOT will finally see the light of the day!

we're in a good position and found and took the time to build up a realizable plan.

following that we’re endlessly proud to announce that pixelBOT EXTREME! will officially be released on march 2018 – hitting Steam first!

pixelBOT EXTREME! by play.HEART games

pixelBOT EXTREME! © 2018 by play.HEART games

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