#3 from origins to earBOTs!

december 15, 2017

- pixelBOT origins! -

back in 2014 the pixelBOT came to life after scribbling this awesome piece of digital paper: color-based arcady challenging destruction!

originally pixelBOT EXTREME! was designed to run on Mobile what actually was the case for some time.
After launching a very basic Android version of the current game and lots of positive feedback – pixelBOT was a 1-level-endless runner at that point - we realized that we want to pursue a more extended approach to realize the complete
EXTREME! vision of pixelBOT. 
an extremely fun and original multitasking controller-based (hard)core experience of
pixelBOT EXTREME! was born and was set as our new goal to achieve.

- level design! 2.0! -

level design is Rico’s passion, so his mission always was to create outstanding, replayable and multi-dimensional levels that always bring in new exciting and challenging twists and gameplay elements to master.

to ensure that everybody is able to experience the BOT properly, we’ve implemented difficulties – every level has alternative versions: from “origin!” via “hardcore!” to “EXTREME!
to really master the game and become the on one and only BOT you need to learn every level and obstacle inside-out to complete 100% – so make sure to prepare your controllers!

how levels are designed, created and playtested:

- Phonotrash's unique lo-fi tunes! -

We have the honour to have Slowenian band Phonotrash’s great and extremely well-fitting music in pixelBOT EXTREME!
Those catchy retro tunes accompany the BOT perfectly on his escape and bring you a really immersive gameplay experience. You will see and especially hear what we mean soon!

here are some earBOT samples to already learn by heart:

press start! - Phonotrash
00:00 / 00:00
acid! - Phonotrash
00:00 / 00:00
ultraBOT! - Phonotrash
00:00 / 00:00

and how they feel in-game:

to be continued...


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- Rico & Kons

pixelBOT EXTREME! by play.HEART games
pixelBOT EXTREME! by play.HEART games

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pixelBOT EXTREME! by play.HEART games
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