#1 breakOUT!

december 1, 2017

- it's the final countdown! -

believe it or not - the BOT will finally see the light of the day!

we're in a good position and found and took the time to build up a realizable plan.

following that we’re endlessly proud to announce that pixelBOT EXTREME! will officially be released on april 20, 2018 – hitting Steam first!

- pixelBOT 2.0! -

during the years pixelBOT learned to walk and got a few updates.

Konstantin worked hard on bringing the BOT to life and letting him run, jump, slide, fly and shoot.

- smooth controls! -

controlling the BOT you need to be able to dodge everything in your way - and shoot all colored bullets at the same time.

so we've tried to achieve the best controls possible to ensure exactly that: multitasking! - always following the good old handheld feeling.

- world 1: the lab! -

pixelBOT awakes, captured in electrical chains that slowly absorb his remaining energy. remembering nothing about his existence, his current situation and how to survive at this sinister place, he can only think of one thing that makes sense: a breakOUT!

numerous security systems activate each other.

endless deadly obstacles and hostile BOTs try to stop the little escapee - their mission: --- KILL --- THE --- BOT!

sharp spikes, exploding mines, moving platforms - tons of one-eyed BOTs bringing nothing but death.

learning to survive and how to use his powerful rocket arm, pixelBOT can run'n'gun his way through those abandoned, threatful lab sections - it's up to YOU to find an exit!

to be continued...


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- Rico & Kons

pixelBOT EXTREME! by play.HEART games
pixelBOT EXTREME! by play.HEART games
pixelBOT EXTREME! by play.HEART games

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